On this page you will find answers to the questions we are most frequently asked.
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How does one register for a course/event?

Registration involves the following steps:

  • First the participant must register on the Freerider portal (only the participant must register, any accompanying family members or friends must not register).
  • If the participant is already registered on the portal he/she must access the private area, go to -> HOME / EVENTS and select the desired event, select the registration method and then add any accompanying family members/friends/relatives to the registration.
    Once you have completed the various entries, confirm the shopping cart
  • Once the shopping cart is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with your booking, Freerider will process your request
  • Once your request has been accepted Freerider will forward you an email with details of the payment of the registration fee
  • Once the payment has been received your registration will be confirmed; the balance must then be paid during the event

How the Freerider sport events portal works

For the time being, registration on the Freerider portal is reserved for people with disabilities

In order to be able to participate use the Freerider services (course registration), updates on activities ........., registration on the portal is required
To register, simply click on the REGISTER menu and enter the required data.
Once you have completed the entry phase and sent the registration request you will receive an email to confirm the activation of your account Once the account has been confirmed, all you have to do to access the portal is enter your username and password.

Forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can choose a new password.
Go to LOGIN and click on (Forgotten your password?). Once you have entered your e-mail address and confirmed your password, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to generate a new user password.

How do I change my password?

If you wish to change your password you must go to LOGIN and click on (Forgot your password?), once you have entered your e-mail address and confirmed the prcedure, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to generate a new user password.

Enrolling a disabled minor in the course, how to do it?

If the disabled participant is a minor, during registration the reference e-mail and telephone number must be those of one of the parents or legal guardian

How do I include family members, friends, companions in the course registration?

After accessing the portal, you must choose the course you wish to enrol in.
Once you have chosen the course, you select the mode of participation. Once you have confirmed this mode and clicked on "enrol", you will see the message: "Would you like to add a companion/family member/friend" with two buttons: YES and NO
If you click on YES a person can be added, once this is confirmed you will be asked again if you wish to add another person until all interested persons have been reached
Once all persons have been entered, you can confirm the shopping cart to start the registration process

Who should I contact for technical problems on the portal?

For any technical problems, please contact support at this e-mail: assistenza@freeridersportevents.com

For suggestions, doubts, who can I contact?

For suggestions and doubts concerning the portal: assistenza@freeridersportevents.com

Regarding courses:

Regarding enrolments: segreteria@freeridersportevents.com

Problems with e-mail accounts: hotmail/outlook...

It may happen for those with hotmail as their e-mail domain that our automatic communications go to spam.
For any problems or clarifications, please contact our technical support at: assistenza@freeridersportevents.com

Do family members, friends, accompanying persons who want to attend an event with me have to register?

Family members, relatives, friends and carers do not have to register on the portal.